Thursday, January 14, 2010

IIRotD: QualiaSoup-Youtube

The first of what will probably be many youtube channels to be added. There are some really great educational and entertaining videos on youtube that while maybe are not as good as reading a book...are at least more accessible to most people. Plus the time contraints on the videos mean that a lot more information gets packed into them unlike television specials which due to filling time allotments often end up having a lot of fluff!

Youtube user QualiaSoup has probably one of the most consistantly excellent channels of all my subscribtions, and seems to me to be one of the best for videos that deal with critical thinking. Updates don't happen often, but are usually regular, and unlike most channels the majority of these videos actually deal with the subject rather than the user, youtube drama, or pointless "debates". So check out his videos are marvel at their cleaness, their consisness, and the wonderful artwork. Enjoy!

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