Saturday, January 16, 2010

IIRotD: Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenburg is an online repository of ebooks whose copyright has expired and therefore are avaliable for free. For those of you who have a ebook device or like to read them on your computer or phone/planner then this is a good way to save some money and read some classics. This is the U.S. site so if you live in another country you may want to look to see if there is a PG site avaliable to you.
Some of their selecions include:
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- Lewis Carrol
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain
  • Ulysses- James Joyce
  • The Marvelous Land of Oz- L.Frank Baum
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- Sir Arther Conan Doyle
  • The War of the Worlds- H.G. Wells
  • Candide- Voltaire
  • Emma- Jane Austen

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